BONUS+ news

1/3/21: University of Melbourne is re-starting BONUS+ lending & borrowing; maximum no. of renewals returns to 2.

5/1/21: Massey University items no longer requestable as Massey exit process begins.

18/1/2021: Total no. of renewals for BONUS+ items reverts to 2, at all libraries other than Deakin University & University of Melbourne. Items already renewed twice will not be able to be extended.


14/7/20: BONUS+ re-opens, apart from Deakin University & University of Melbourne

   - Deakin & Melbourne books not requestable

   - No requesting for Deakin & Melbourne clients


4,836,704 items available for requesting!


Auckland University of Technology The Australian National University Deakin University Federation University Australia Griffith University

Massey University Murdoch University University of Melbourne University of Newcastle

University of Tasmania

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